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We believe that Corporate like us can contribute a lot by supporting the existing development agencies and can bring a massive change in the socio-economic condition of present society. Keeping this in mind and the social cause in heart, Viraj Profiles Pvt. Ltd started Viraj Charitable Trust in 2002 to carry out various social and educational activities. Peripheral villages are focused on several non-profit programmes and initiatives for upgrading the existing situation of Education, Health, Employment, Environment and Infrastructure. All the development projects are being planned and implemented involving local people, PRI institutes and their representatives under continuous monitoring by the company management.


Details of various CSR activities, undertaken by Viraj Profiles Pvt. Ltd can be seen at:

At Viraj Profiles Pvt. Ltd, we believe that society is one of our key stakeholders. We value Corporate Social Responsibility as doing business in a way that provides social, economic and environmental benefits to the communities and geographies in which we operate. It is in reciprocation of their support that we willingly share our success with them. To encourage a positive change impacting various stakeholders like the environment, consumers, employees and community, our corporate social responsibility projects focus on key areas such as health, education, environment, women empowerment and other social causes. Our CSR activities focus on reaching out to the poor and underprivileged section of society and helping them shape up a better and more sustainable society. We strongly believe that these activities benefit society by bringing a positive change in the lives of people.

Poor quality of education, rising health problems, lack of employment, lack of basic infrastructures like school and hospital buildings are a few prevalent issues in rural India. Seeing this reality in our surroundings, as a responsible corporate, we have started intervening in these social issues along with our business units. We are consciously working towards abolishing these problems to bring holistic and sustainable development in needful and deprived areas surrounding our plants/units.


Scope of CSR Activities-

Source Of Funds-

The funds shall be provided to the CSR committee by the Board of Director’s approval for conducting programs of CSR as detailed under the CSR activities. The Board of Directors shall allocate funds for CSR activities considering the following:


The CSR department will provide a regular progress report to the CSR Committee of the Board at least once a quarter. This report would indicate:

The Board shall seek a short progress report from the CSR Committee on a quarterly and annual basis.

Focus Areas ---

Vision ---

Mission ---