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We strongly believe that to succeed in the intensely competitive marketplace of today, it is not enough to just be adaptive to change, it is also vital to initiate change. We, therefore, hold regular workshops and training sessions to ensure our employees are equipped to add value to their careers, as well as to the progress of the organisation as a whole. Employees at various levels are regularly encouraged to take part in various skill development, leadership, behavioural management, self-development and management programmes. The learning opportunities which are provided at Viraj Profiles Pvt. Ltd through mentoring and structured training programmes make it a great place to work. As a workplace, Viraj Profiles Pvt. Ltd has a mix of employees from different regions, having worked in different kinds of setups, bringing diverse experience onboard and thus offering a rich variety of experience for any employee to learn from.

Our Human Resource department constantly works towards helping the individual growth while enabling the organization to meet its strategic goals by carrying out the training and mentoring programme. The programme is designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of the employees wherein the senior management supports the activities through their words, actions and resources over the short term and long term. During your mentoring period, you regularly meet and interact with your mentor and review your progress along your career path. Based on your discussions, your mentor can help you identify the right opportunities to advance your knowledge and skills.

It is critical to understand why we emphasize so much about mentoring although it seems like a part of the training programme. Because training and mentoring complement each other but they cannot replace each other. The training is mostly about the functional aspects of our job i.e. the “How” part of the job. For a salesperson, it would be about making proposals, preparing sales pitches, creating documents etc whereas mentoring is much more than that. Mentoring is more about coaching, guiding, counselling. Mentoring is more about the qualitative parts of our job and can deal with various facets of your work-life i.e. handling work pressure, raising your skill level, performance improvement, behaving with compassion etc.

At Viraj Profiles Pvt. Ltd, every new employee is assigned a mentor who helps them out in getting into the work culture and working towards their goals. A mentor is a caring guide, a wise advisor, a partner on a journey, a trusted friend. What makes a mentor “a Mentor” is not that they are perfect or always know exactly what to say, but rather that they can form a strong connection with their mentee. This connection can catalyze positive change and growth. A mentor can help the new employee feel comfortable in their skin and appreciate their gifts while at the same time exposing them to new opportunities and modes of thinking.