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5 Essential Things to Know Before Selecting Stainless Steel Products

March 13, 2024 0 Comments stainless-steel

Stainless steel is used in a wide variety of projects. Starting from residential, commercial, or industrial, it is the top choice of experts in every industry. This precious material is produced by mixing various combinations of steel, nickel, and chromium. Versatile stainless steel can be used effectively in a variety of applications. Stainless steel products manufacturers like Viraj Profiles passionately produce stainless steel in multiple grades and fulfill the diverse requirements of different industries. In this article, we will delve into key factors to keep in mind when choosing stainless steel products. Keep reading!

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel is famous as a corrosion-resistant material. However, you must be aware that different stainless steel grades reflect different corrosion resistance capacities. So it is mandatory to check out this feature carefully. For example, if you select austenitic grades like Grade 304 and Grade 316, these reflect excellent corrosion resistance features and contain high contents of chromium and molybdenum. On the other hand, if you are going for ferritic stainless steel, it has less nickel and chromium, hence reflecting reduced corrosion resistance. Therefore, you must select these products for indoor applications with limited exposure to weather or corrosive elements.

Welding Capability

Please note that all grades of stainless steel are not weldable and may lead to cracking while welding. You must check this factor cautiously during the selection process if your project needs welding. Ferritic stainless steels with grades 430 or 439 are easily weldable, though martensitic stainless steel products are generally not suitable for the welding process.


Stainless steel is a very strong material, and you must check for the strength of stainless steel products before finalizing. The strength of stainless steel varies from grade to grade. For example, martensite stainless steel is the strongest stainless steel in comparison to austenitic stainless steel. Similarly, duplex stainless steels can ensure ferritic stainless steel properties and maintain ductility and toughness as austenitic stainless steel products.


Stainless steel products are available in different grades, and the cost varies accordingly. To select the right kind of stainless steel product, you may end up with a hefty cost. So select the right grade of stainless steel products as per the advice of an expert, and ensure that you can use a cost-effective grade without compromising the quality. Beware; you must not compromise the quality, as the initial cost may be higher, but in the long term, you will find that it has saved a lot of unnecessary expenses and issues.

Machining Requirements

You would find that most grades of stainless steel can be machined comfortably. To get the best output, you must keep all the tools and machines in good working condition to avoid the issue of stainless steel hardening during machining.

Viraj Profiles Private Limited: Ensuring Excellence

Lastly, you must purchase stainless steel products from a trusted and renowned supplier like Viraj Profiles. To ensure the success of your project and the confident selection of the right stainless steel products, share your queries or challenges with our experts at Viraj Profiles. The company is proudly progressing as a leader in the stainless steel industry. Viraj Profiles is established as one of the best stainless steel bright bar suppliers in India. Our team at Viraj Profiles is committed to producing excellent quality stainless steel products in a wide range and is consistently providing the best customer service to ensure satisfaction. Contact us now!

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