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How to identify Types Of Stainless Steel

February 24, 2021 0 Comments stainless-steel

Visual Inspection:

Check for a number label:

One of the easiest ways of identifying metal is by checking the metal for a number label. If the metal has a number label printed on it, then it is steel. This same code is also printed on the container that helps to protect it during shipping. Stainless steel product manufacturers have a label to identify their products quickly.

Look for metal that is dark brown, shiny silver, or red with dust:

Though steel has a minimal range of colors, it helps identify the type of metal that is remarkable. The pipe used in buildings, which is carbon steel, comes in a dark brown color. Stainless steel, which is generally used in the kitchen, is silver and shiny. If the metal has reddish rust spots, then the metal is steel.

Chip metal to locate a silver coloring inside:

It is advised to look for a fracture before attempting to chip. The fractures in the metal allow a view on the inside, easy to identify the type of steel. Using a hammer and chisel would let you break a small piece making it easy to locate the silver coloring. One thing to notice is that the inner of the steel is always bright gray.

Testing other Characteristics:

Magnetic test:

To identify steel out of metal, you can use a magnet as steel is generally magnetic being made of iron. Other metals like aluminum are not magnetic. Besides, one thing to notice is that not all stainless steel is magnetic. When nickel is added to it during the manufacturing process, all magnetic properties fade away. 

Steel is a heavier metal:

It is advised to look for a heavier metal rather than a light one when looking for steel. Stainless steel is much heavier than other metals, making it easy to distinguish it from other metals. Steel is stable and robust and cannot be broken easily. 

Metal file test:

The metal file test is a very prominent test to find out the quality of metal. You can use a metal file to perform the file test. As steel is a hard metal, it will take more time to fill off the fragments. Depending on the hardness, it will become more challenging to fill the pieces of the metal. The Mohs Scale can be used to check the metal’s hardness and classify it as per the readings.

Identifying steel is straightforwardly applying the methods mentioned above. For the best results, it is advised to wear safety gears if required for the identification process. Stainless steel products suppliers ensure their products go under several tests to ascertain they are pure and quality products.


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