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Process of Manufacturing Stainless Steel Products

February 13, 2021 0 Comments stainless-steel

Stainless steel, an essential product is largely used in every household on a daily basis and is applicable in every facet of human life. Stainless steel is basically an alloy of iron. It contains the composition of other elements like chromium (almost 11%), carbon (minimum 1.2%), silicon, sulphur, nickel, aluminium, copper, etc. It is specially designed in such a way that it can bear the heat and doesn’t get rusted easily. Stainless steel suppliers in India play a huge role in distributing raw materials throughout the world.

The usage of stainless steel products is worldwide, but only a few know about the process of making stainless steel products. There are noticeable numbers of Stainless steel product manufacturers, however not all can ace the techniques as the leading professionals in the field. Cutlery and other kitchen appliances, microwaves, oven, furniture, cookware, escalators are some common things made of stainless steel.

Let’s have a look at how these products are manufactured through a step by step process.

1. Melting the materials together: At first, all the raw materials are gathered together, and put into a gigantic furnace. Now they are heated for some 10 to 12 hours until they are fully melted. After melting, the product is molded into different shapes called blooms, slabs (rectangular), billets (round), etc.

2. Forming: After the first step, the next step is where the component is formed. The previous shapes go through a heated roll, and the process is called ‘hot rolling.’ After hot rolling, the blooms and billets become bar and wire, where the slabs are formed into sheets or plates.

3. Annealing: Heating or annealing is the third step, and is nothing but an extreme heating and cooling method. The right way of heating is only to make a good stainless steel product. That’s why the staff has to be careful with the temperature, pressure and all while doing this. In this way, the pressure inside of the steel releases, and it becomes softer.

4. Descaling: After annealing, the top layer of the steel is left with some ‘scale’, which needs to be removed. Descaling is the process in which these scales are removed. It contains pickling, electro cleaning, and other methods.

5. Cutting: Once the descaling is done, it is time to cut down the stainless steel into different shapes and sizes. The mechanical cutting is done with guillotine knives, high-speed blades, etc. Another cutting procedure is flame cutting which is a faster way of cutting.

6. Finishing: Before packaging, they have to make sure if the stainless steel product has been made perfectly or not. In other words, the product is introspective and given a softer, smoother, and shinier look to make it more appealing in this process.

Conclusion: Now when all of these are done, the stainless steel product is ready to be sold. SS products manufacturers are the leading manufacturers that present the best of strength, recyclability, and legibility. It is a must to adhere by the leading Stainless steel product suppliers to pick the right pick.


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