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The Most Common Types of Stainless Steel

December 22, 2020 0 Comments stainless-steel

The term stainless steel is usually referred to as a varied range of iron-based alloys that contains at least 10.5% chromium. By varying this amount and adding different types of chemical elements like nickel, manganese, molybdenum, and carbon, various types of stainless steel are produced. They are an integral part of modern life. Due to its high durability, corrosion resistance, ease of sterilization, low maintenance, and other useful properties, stainless steel is the ideal material for many applications. Moreover, it is recommended for use as it is 100% recyclable. Ordinary people use stainless steel products in their everyday lives, produced by professional ss products manufacturers, the most common culinary uses, including kitchen accessories, cutlery, cookware, etc. In modern architecture and construction, stainless steel is an indispensable material used in bridges, sculptures, and exterior cladding for huge skyscrapers, monuments, and others. Other important uses of stainless steel include surgical tools and equipment, energy and heavy industries, automotive and transportation applications, etc. The four most widely used types of stainless steel have been discussed below-

1. Austenitic Stainless Steel – These are the most frequently used and common types of stainless steel, forming the central portion of the worldwide stainless steel market manufactured by nearly all stainless steel products suppliers in the world. Compared to other steel alloys, austenitic stainless steels have higher chromium levels, molybdenum, and nickel content, making them more resistant to corrosion. They are incredibly adaptable and are known for their excellent strength and pliability.

2. Ferritic Stainless Steel – Ranking just after austenitic alloys, the ferritic group is the second most common type of stainless steel containing 12-17% chromium, carbon consistencies low as 0.1% or even less, and has low nickel content, which makes them less expensive. As the name suggests, ferritic alloys are magnetic and are mainly used for their higher resistance to temperature oxidation, good malleability, and formability. They are not heat treatable and can be fortified through cold working.

3. Martensitic Stainless Steel – This group comprises the least common types of stainless steel alloys. Martensitic alloy is structurally similar to ferritic alloy but with higher carbon levels of up to 1.2%. They are less corrosion resistant than the above two stainless steel groups, but they can be hardened to a great degree. Martensitic alloys are primarily used for making cutting tools like knives as well as medical and surgical equipment.

4. Duplex Stainless Steel – Combining the properties of both austenitic and ferritic alloys, duplex stainless steel tends to be stronger than both, and the high strength results in significant weight reductions. They are ideal for chemical plants and marine applications for their brilliant corrosion resistance properties, even in demanding environments.

These are the four most common types of stainless steel, each of which can be further broken down into numerous grades. Stainless steel products like stainless steel wiresstainless steel fastenerstainless steel flangesstainless steel bright bars etc., are widely available in the market.


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