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Viraj manufacturers World Class Stainless Steel Products

November 20, 2020 0 Comments stainless-steel

Metallic goods processing companies have been active for a long time. They have always been important because they provide pure goods after advanced analysis and implementation. Civilizations flourished, and more industrialists became involved in these industries. All over the world, everyone is demanding high-quality metal goods to fulfill domestic needs. You need metal products in almost everything, even in computer products. You even need them in vast areas like architecture and the automotive industry. In this article, we will speak about the various products manufactured by Viraj, which is one of the largest producers of stainless steel products.

1) Stainless Steel Wires – High-quality stainless steel wires are made in the Viraj stainless steel plant. The Maharashtra production plant in India can produce large-sized stainless steel cables from 0.09 mm to 15 mm. The plant’s wire division is well-equipped to deliver high-quality goods with internal plating, bright and wet cable drawing, and wires with high-speed drawing. It even has facilities like medium wire pattern laying, fine wire spooling, sheet winding, random winding, and many more. The wires are primarily used in ship design, medical products, irrigation, springs, and household products.

2) Stainless steel fasteners – Viraj has modern and comprehensive production facilities to manufacture only stainless steel fasteners of the highest quality. The backward integration helps them deliver the same high-quality stainless steel fasteners, depending on their customers’ needs. The strict quality controls guarantee the impeccable output of the steel products. Careful monitoring and quality control procedures are carried out on all the steel products. In the Stainless Steel Fastener plant, there are a wide variety of test facilities, such as TTM, hardness test, and IGC testing. Impact Testing Machine is used to test the ability of the goods to withstand high-speed loading. This is one of the most significant tests to determine the product’s strength.

3) Stainless Steel rods – The stainless steel rods division is involved in producing and exporting solid, bright bars in a wide variety of shapes, including round bars, hexagon bars, and flat bars. Bright Bars production facility has also incorporated heat treatment facilities, hardening and tempering facilities, beveling, and grinding equipment to ensure high product quality. Stainless Steel rods are commonly used in multiple sectors such as vehicles, electric motors, railways, the defense, etc.

4) Stainless Steel Flanges – Viraj produces stainless steel flanges of various shapes, sizes, and specifications according to the customer’s requirements. Viraj is a global pioneer in creating high-quality stainless steel flanges. These flanges are also well known worldwide for their consistency and reliability. With more than ninety provisions and qualifications, Viraj possesses rigorous quality systems to assure that flanges maintain an excellent quality every time. These licenses and certification help to provide a wide variety of industries with flanges for large scale use. There are many more products to discuss, but these are the best ones. I hope that the stainless steel plant can gain more market share through the outstanding products it produces.


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